In Pursuit of Better Industrial Minerals

Shivam Minetrade is a prominent supplier of Industrial Minerals found in the Kutch District of Gujarat. We have tie ups with a big chain of suppliers of Kaolin Clay/China Clay and silica sand. 
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Our Company

Supplier of Industrial Minerals

Buyers can contact us for Kaolin Clay/china clay lumps, different grades of levigated Kaolin Clay/China Clay and Silica Sand of any sizing and grades based on its purity. Our directors are well engaged in this business and have direct communication with all the domestic manufacturers in the Kutch District. We can provide you with all range and quality of material demanded with the commitment of its genuineness.


The term “sand” is applied to loose granular material falling within a specified particle size range. As such, sand has a strictly textural connotation, for the constituent particles can be composed of a wide variety of artificial or natural substances. However, conventional use of “sand” without qualification implies a granular material composed of natural mineral particles among which quartz (SiO2) is an abundant, if not the dominant constituent.

The widely used terms Silica Sand, Quartz Sand and Industrial Sand are commonly applied without exact definition. They are to some extent interchangeable, referring to granular materials composed primarily of quartz with minor amounts of other minerals or organic constituents such as feldspars, carbonates, iron oxides, micas, clay minerals and coal. The term also applies to quartz-rich sand used for a variety of industrial materials or processes, as opposed to sand used for